A Man Built a Special Tomb to Preserve Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

No one knows what human civilization will look like 10,000 years from now, but we do know they’ll have at least one bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to remember us by. That’s thanks to TikToker @sunday.nobody, who made a 3,000-pound concrete sarcophagus to act as a time capsule for the popular snack. The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos tomb comes complete with a headstone listing the ingredients in gold leaf, a detail sure to make future humans absolutely convinced we were stark raving mad in the year 2022. Should we question whether people thousands of years in the past set up silly archaeological jokes like this for us? 

We saw this unique spin on a time capsule thanks to Geeks Are Sexy. Even though the massive concrete tomb itself could probably fit hundreds of bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, only one is included. It’s cast in resin and suspended within the sarcophagus as a measure of earthquake safety. He also burned off all the germs with a laser. Does that mean they will still be crunchy and fresh in 10,000 years? Or has the resin already crushed the Cheetos to dust? 

The time he puts into the project is astounding. Even just the concrete itself had to dry for a month and a half. In all that time, he never talked himself out of the project. He also completed seven hours of digging before he got the help of a tractor (and a corgi!). The commitment is unquestionable, but also incomprehensible.

Screenshots of TikTok video of a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos in resin in a concrete box with a headstone listing the ingredients
Sunday Nobody

The video mentions that the Cheetos company isn’t sponsoring the project or that the company is even aware of it. But with over 11 million views in just a few days, we bet they know about it now. After all, they’re good sports in the weird food department. Don’t forget that there’s Cheetos mac and cheese and the company even published a cookbook called Bon-Appe-Cheetos.

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