Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito Admit to a ‘Rough Time’ at Marvel Studios

It’s official, Marvel Studios is now on a “reduced output” plan, per Disney CEO Bob Iger. And Marvel Studio heads, Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Esposito and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, admit that it has been a “rough time” for the MCU.

D’Esposito shares with Empire, “It’s been a rough time… If we [Marvel Studios] just stayed on top, that would have been the worst thing that could have happened to us. We took a little hit, we’re coming back strong. Maybe when you do too much, you dilute yourself a little bit. We’re not going to do that anymore. We learned our lesson. Maybe two to three films a year and one or two shows, as opposed to doing four films and four shows.”

Depressed Wolverine from Deadpool and Wolverine, for Marvel Studios rough time article
Marvel Studios

We feel a resounding, “You think?” Coming from the direction of the fans, but, hey, better late than never. Hopefully, doing less and doing it well will actually be of help to the MCU. Feige additionally notes, “It’s nice to be able to rally behind one feature project this year. I’m much more comfortable being the underdog. I prefer being able to surprise, and exceed expectations. So it does seem like the last year, which has not been ideal, has set us up well for that.”

We don’t know if we’d call Marvel Studios “the underdog,” but we’re willing to see what Feige and the rest have in store.

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