Kevin Bacon’s New Internet Challenge Encourages Quarantining

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer may be flying off the shelves right now, but there’s one treat you can still get plenty of: bacon. Kevin Bacon, that is. Check out this clip of the movie star calling on people to participate in his newly launched #IStayHomeFor challenge, which is aimed at helping people to remember why they’re quarantining in the face of COVID-19.

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Deadline reported on Bacon’s campaign, which was launched on his Instagram on March 18 with a short video. In the clip, Bacon asks for folks to hold up a sign with the name of someone for whom they’re quarantining—as quarantining, according to experts, helps slow the spread of COVID-19—and then tag six other people in the post so that they can do the same. Six being the chosen number of friends because of the whole “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game that you’ve definitely played before.

Bacon’s “I Stay Home For” sign was dedicated to his wife, Kyra Sedgwick. Which is incredibly sweet, and also, probably, a tactically genius move. It’s best to keep those with whom we’re quarantining as happy as possible, right? (All the more reason to watch movies and play video games with them!)

The six other people Bacon tagged in his Instagram post were Jimmy Fallon, Elton John, Brandi Carlisle, Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato, and David Beckham. As of this writing, it seems that only Elton John and David Beckham have responded, but the posts from both the legendary musician and iconic “footballer” are delightful. Incidentally, Elton John has an awesome kitchen and is apparently passing the time in quarantine playing an old school game of Snakes and Ladders?! That rocket man definitely isn’t burning out his fuse entirely alone in isolation ’cause that’s at least a two player game.

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What do you think about Kevin Bacon’s “I Stay Home For” challenge? Who’s inspiring you to keep yourself quarantined? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature image: The Tonight Show 

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