KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES Book 9.5’s Cover Puts the Spotlight on Keefe

Keefe Sencen is a key character in Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities series. Since the first book in the fantasy series released in 2012, his character has taken all kinds of delicious twists and turns. From devil-may-care troublemaker to serious spy, Keefe always surprises. We’ll learn a lot more about the Keefster in the next book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities, Unraveled. This is book 9.5, a full-length novel that bridges what happened in Stellarlune (book 9) and what will happen in book 10 of the series. It’s told from Keefe’s point of view, and appropriately, Keefe takes center stage on the cover. Take a look at the cover of Unraveled, Keeper of the Lost Cities book 9.5.

The cover of Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unraveled featuring Keefe with humans in the background
Aladdin/Jason Chan

Jason Chan’s art sets the tone for the book, but don’t take it from me. Shannon Messenger tells Nerdist, “Since this is book 9.5 in the series, and written in a new character’s POV, we wanted a cover that matched the others—but also made it clear this book is a little bit different. So there’s no Sophie this time (gasp!) and we went with a human city for the setting, because Unraveled is all about Keefe’s adventures in the human world. I love how the final art captures both the scene and the mood of the story—and how could I not adore a cover that’s totally Keefe! Keefe! Keefe! Jason Chan never ceases to amaze me with how perfectly he draws my characters and his absolutely breathtaking imagery.”

I don’t know if we’re ready for all the antics Keefe will run into as he tries to navigate the world of humans. But if there’s one thing we can say about Keefe, it’s that he’s always trying his best. We can’t wait to spend time with his perspective. He’s been through a lot, but Keefe usually manages to be entertaining in spite of it.

The description for Unraveled states:

Please be careful. Please be happy. And PLEASE forget all about me. It’ll be better for everyone that way.

Those were the last words Keefe Sencen wrote to Sophie Foster before he ran away to the Forbidden Cities. He didn’t want to leave, but it was the only way to keep his friends safe while he figured out how to control his scary new powers and searched for answers about his past.

What he found was so much more than adventures in Humanland.

Where did he go? What did he do? And who did he meet while the rest of his friends worked to solve the mystery of Stellarlune? The answers go far beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined, and give Keefe the power to change his destiny.

Oh boy, Humanland. While I will miss the Lost Cities, I’m curious to spend more time in the world I know. Unraveled, Keeper of the Lost Cities book 9.5, will arrive on November 12, 2024. It can’t get here fast enough. You can place a pre-order now.

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