JOHN WICK 5 Is Happening, Will Shoot Back-to-Back with CHAPTER 4

John Wick isn’t only returning for a fourth installment of relentless ass kicking and adorable dogs, but also a fifth. It was revealed during a Lionsgate investor call (via Deadline) that both John Wick Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 will officially shoot back-to-back in 2021. John Wick 4 is hitting movie theaters on Memorial Day weekend 2022. The fifth chapter currently has no release date.

John Wick has gone from being a relatively low budget success story with the first 2014 film, into an all-out blockbuster franchise. John Wick taking everyone by surprise by its awesomeness is what became ground zero for the Keanu-revolution. This success once again placed the seemingly ageless actor back in the spotlight.

This wouldn’t be Keanu’s first time filming a pair of sequels back-to-back. Keanu shot The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions (parts 2 and 3 of that franchise) back to back from March 2001 to August 2002. He is currently filming the fourth Matrix film for Warner Brothers.

Some hardcore fans have suggested that the bloody action franchise is actually an allegory for the five stages of grief, going by the  the Kübler-Ross model. If that’s true, than it sure makes sense as to why we know already there will be a fifth chapter for this series. Will the fifth movie have the subtitle of John Wick: Chapter 5: Acceptance?

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Lionsgate Films

The real question is whether or not Keanu hangs up his suit and guns after part five. It seems that five films is enough to carry this tale of revenge and secret assassin organizations to its natural conclusion. But who would have ever thought we’d ever even get two, let alone three of these films? We just know we are here for all the John Wick they want to throw at us, and then some.

Featured Image: Lionsgate Films

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