Josh Gad Recaps the STAR WARS Prequels as FROZEN’s Olaf

Frozen 2 gave us the animated answer to Ant-Man‘s Luis. In the middle of the movie Olaf recapped the entire plot of the original film. He did it in a way only a sweet, sentimental, sentient snowman can, with some strangely insightful commentary and hilarious observations. We loved it so much we wanted him to summarize more movies for us. And now he has done just that. As a reward for his fans helping him with a get-out-the-vote campaign, Josh Gad recapped the Star Wars prequels in character as Olaf.

And we’re not sure we’ve ever liked The Phantom Menace more.

Gad, who apparently never sleeps thanks to an endless supply of energy, recently told his followers that if 10,000 of them retweeted his “VOTE” message he would recap all of Star Wars as Olaf. Considering he has more than 600,000 followers he shouldn’t have been surprised how quickly they managed that. But since a promise is a promise, Gad has already started to hold up his end of the bargain.

He posted a nearly eight-minute long message on Instagram summarizing the prequel trilogy as Olaf. That meant a whole lot of funny lines about all three films, their legacies, and their future spinoffs. He also  touched on topics like the movies’ obvious foreshadowing, racial insensitivity, and making magical warriors serve as trade negotiators. Olaf also traced the ever-changing appearance of Yoda from his “uncanny valley” version to his future as a “puppet.” And he even connected the story from long, long ago to our own political reality now.

Josh Gad Recaps the STAR WARS Prequels as FROZEN's Olaf_1Lucasfilm

But our favorite line might be when we he gave us the best description of C-3PO ever. He called him “the Forrest Gump of the droid community.” That’s the most Olaf way of thinking about Threepio ever and we love it.

We can’t wait for Gad to recap the next two trilogies. But in the meantime make sure you vote. It’s what Olaf would want.

Featured Image: Disney

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