Jose Cuervo’s ‘Doppeldrinker’ Sends You Home for the Holidays

Most Americans say they are planning to do the right thing this Christmas by staying put. It’s not what anyone wants, but you can’t exactly spread holiday cheer if you’re also spreading COVID. And a deadly disease isn’t the kind of gift anyone wants to receive. But just because you won’t be able to travel home this season doesn’t mean you can’t still make an appearance. Jose Cuervo wants to send your cardboard cutout “Doppeldrinker” to your family, so you can still be part of your loved ones celebration.

Jose Cuervo is running one of the best, silliest giveaways of the year. With a contest that fully embraces life in 2020. Lucky winners will have the opportunity to send life-sized cardboard “Doppeldrinker” cutouts of themselves to their friends and family ahead of Christmas. And it will be true to life for those of us who decide we’re going to get through a holiday without our families by having a drink. Or two.

Jose Cuervo Will Send a Cardboard You Home for Christmas_1Jose Cuervo

Even beyond the global pandemic implications, though, there are all sorts of advantages to sending a cardboard cutout of yourself instead of actually going home for the holidays. You don’t have to pay for a plane ticket and deal with stressful seasonal travel. Plus, you won’t have to engage in awkward conversations. Considering this was a presidential election year that’s a huge bonus this year. You’ll be able to avoid any uncomfortable discussions with your elderly uncle who starts making inappropriate comments right after a couple of drinks himself.

You can already enter the “Doppeldrinker” contest at the giveaway’s official site. “Several hundred” cutouts will be awarded. You must be at least 21 years old, though. Winners will have to upload a full body photo of themselves holding their favorite holiday drink. Then they’ll tell Jose Cuervo where to send their double so your “Doppledrinker” will make it home before Christmas.

This is a fun, silly, but most importantly, safe way to celebrate Christmas this year. We’ll drink to that.

Featured Image: Jose Cuervo

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