J.J. Abrams Is Producing a UFO Docuseries for Showtime

We now live in a world where UFOs and extraterrestrial life are no longer the purview of fringe conspiracy theorists. The United States government has basically admitted aliens might be real. And they might be visiting our planet to see what’s happening on Earth. If not outright fact, “science fiction” is now at least “science possible.” Now a sci-fi director is going to examine what’s actually going on. J.J. Abrams will produce the documentary series UFO for Showtime.

A silhouette of a person standing in front of a night sky full of starsShowtime

After spending time in the galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars director is going to examine a cosmic mystery here in our own corner of the universe. Showtime has announced (in news we first heard at The Hollywood Reporter) a new four-part docu-series from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Glen Zipper. UFO will examine “our fascination with unidentified flying objects, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies, and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas.”

The show will also touch upon recent revelations of unidentified flying objects that have been prevalent in the news over the last few years. As well as our long-standing fascination with alien contact. From the show’s official announcement:

“Ignited by the bombshell New York Times story in 2017 revealing that the Pentagon had been secretly tracking UFOs for years, the series examines the history of the phenomenon through cultural and political touchpoints, including shocking testimony from eyewitnesses across the country. As the conversation grows more bizarre and reaches the mainstream by virtue of credible investigations into alien encounters, UFO confronts the most enigmatic questions of all: Why do we believe what we believe? And what is the elusive truth beyond this decades long mystery?”

Mark Monroe (Icarus) and Paul Crowder (Riding Giants) will direct. Bad Robot and Zipper Bros Films will co-produce. All four episodes will land for Showtime subscribers at midnight on Sunday, August 8. The series will have its on-air debut later that night, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

So there’s no confusion, that’s 9 p.m. ET/PT Earth time. Just in case any aliens are already here and want to tune in.

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