This Cursed Object Will Let You Floss All Your Teeth At Once

Highly cursed object or ingenious time-saving device? You decide. The JiffyFlosser, which we first saw on Laughing Squid, comes to you courtesy of creator Matty Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions. Never heard of the JiffyFlosser before? Well, you might be sorry you can’t say that anymore after this. The JiffyFlosser is simple. It’s a clever (read: highly suspect) device that lets you floss all of your teeth at once. To the squeamish, we say, beware!

The threading and the time spent are the worst parts of flossing. And this cuts them down to size… but at what cost? Benedetto explains in the description of his video:

The JiffyFlosser™ Every single tooth in one easy swish. Stop wasting your precious time flossing each individual tooth and finish the deed in a fraction of the time. Our revolutionary dental device will ensure every single tooth gets properly flossed with one chomp.

Uhm… we say it looks more like a device straight out of a horror movie than a clever dental invention. Then again, that is true about many dentistry tools. And really the notion of “chomping” sounds less than appealing to us. That is too much dental floss in one small device even if it does floss all your teeth at once. Then again, if flossing is hard for you, say maybe you’re an Eldritch horror monster with lots of teeth to floss… This may be just right. We don’t judge.

JiffyFlosser by Unnecessary Inventions lets you floss all your teeth at once

Unnecessary Inventions

The device, of course, is not actually available. According to the YouTube channel:

Unnecessary Inventions is the brainchild of inventor and evil genius Matty Benedetto. Over the past two years, he has designed and fully prototyped over 275 new inventions that solve problems that don’t exist. Each week from the Unnecessary Design Studio in Burlington Vermont, Matty develops 1-3 brand new fake consumer products using diverse production methods from 3D printing, sewing, mold making, wood working, laser cutter, and whatever else he can get his hands on.

While this product gives us the creeps, the channel is very cool in concept. Other inventions include a burrito injector, pizza topping removers, and a haircut collar. Some of these, we could do with. But keep the JiffyFlosser away from us! We don’t need to floss all our teeth at once, thank you very much.

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