Celebrate Friday the 13th by Rocking Out with Jason Voorhees

It’s Friday the 13th, which means you’d better lock your doors and check around every corner because you never know what might be lurking. (And, seriously, avoid graveyards, abandoned circus lots, and campgrounds!) Alternatively, celebrate the day with its favorite icon, Jason Voorhees. In an ode to this famous menace, we wanted to share this special song by The Merkins with you. It’s sure to have you singing along all day long… Just not too loud, or you’ll give up your hiding spot.

“Every Life I Take,” a parody of Sting’s “Every Breath You Take,” brings you behind the mask and lets you explore things from Jason Voorhees’ perspective.

The lyrics croon:

On a killing spree
You will die by me
On the shores of my lake
With every life I take
Every move I make
Every neck I break
Every step I take
Gonna seal your fate
I’ll be stalking you

Whether or not this Friday the 13th edition is more or less creepy than the original version, or just more honest, is up to you to decide.

Though much of the song is vicious in this vein, Jason Voorhees also shows a sensitive side as it progresses. He laments his death by drowning and mediates on how he called to his mom for help. But, of course, the violence comes surging right back in.

The Merkins' Friday the 13th Parody - Jason and Pamela Voorhees playing instruments

The Merkins

This black and white video also features a silent Pamela Voorhees on the drums, lurking behind her son as he spills his soul. Mother and son united in music. A beautiful testament to Friday the 13th.

The Merkins have made many fun horror parodies of this kind. Their videos include a Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees duet, a rendition of “Call Me Maybe” by Ghostface, and a collab by The Slashstreet Boys.

Every move you make this Friday the 13th, make sure to take these tunes with you!

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