Theme Park’s Horror Festival Features a Haunted Toilet

It’s going to be hard for the Halloween season to be any scarier than the rest of 2020. But one Japanese theme park is still going to try and make its guests scared sh*tless this year. Maybe literally. It’s transforming itself into a social distancing horror amusement experience. And one of its creepy attractions is a haunted toilet.

Theme Park's Horror Experience Features Haunted Toilet_1 PR Times/Lagunasia

The Lagunasia amusement park in Gamagōri, Aichi, Japan, has created a COVID-inspired Halloween experience (which we first heard about at SoronaNews24). The “drive-in haunted house,” known as the Corona Horror Fest 2020, includes three temporary attractions. Each will let guests get up close (safely) with some spooky specters.

Theme Park's Horror Experience Features Haunted Toilet_2PR Times/Lagunasia

The experience will include “Dread! Hanako-san of the Toilet.” The attraction is not based on a gas station bathroom or a Porta Potty during a Steelers tailgate party. (Though both definitely qualify as haunted toilets.) The Japanese urban legend about a ghost said to terrorize school bathrooms inspired this nightmare. Each person enters the private room, which uses a real toilet, alone. Inside Hanako-san waits.

But “what is Hanako’s true identity?” Uh, seemingly a specter who can’t smell anymore?

Theme Park's Horror Experience Features Haunted Toilet_3PR Times/Lagunasia

Terrified of pooping your pants, either metaphorically or for real? Then the park’s “Screaming Casket” attraction might be too much for you as well. Guests will go into a casket alone in the dark. The casket has a small plastic window to see out of (and air holes to breath), which will let visitors see and hear the terrifying monsters who lurk outside.

The experience, like the other two, is designed with COVID regulations in mind. The caskets will be sterilized and aired out between shows.

Theme Park's Horror Experience Features Haunted Toilet_4PR Times/Lagunasia

The final attraction is “Kigurumi Mimi-chan’s Haunting.” It explores the world of fairies.” Unfortunately, that includes the “scary and creepy” doll  Mimi who was “left out of the group.” Mimi will attack you with its own hands.

So good luck with all of that!

Theme Park's Horror Experience Features Haunted Toilet_5PR Times/Lagunasia

The park will also feature a “Ghost Greeting.” Terrifying spirits will wander through the Lagunasia Garden, but far enough away to keep everyone safe.

Theme Park's Horror Experience Features Haunted Toilet_6PR Times/Lagunasia

And that’s really the best part about all this. In 2020 entering at haunted toilet isn’t as scary as entering a real hospital room. The Corona Horror Fest will run from October 3 to December 6.

Featured Image: PR Times/Lagunasia

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