These Japanese Cat Foot Socks Are Creepily Realistic

If you ever wanted to give your feline friend a scare, now’s your chance.

These hyper-realistic cat socks can transform your feet into paws of any color or stripe variety! They first caught on in Japan, where people had fun posting pictures of themselves wearing the socks to social media, accompanied by their rather curious pets.

“Silly hooman, you can’t fool me!”

As Twitter user @campanula73 shows, the socks have a pretty jarring effect. They make feet look like oversized versions of cat paws, complete with toe pads on the bottom and a super strange fur effect. When paired with normal human clothing, the overall look is pretty uncanny – and extra silly.

If your cat is the most important thing in your life, you can even get socks that match their coloring. #Twinning?

The cat foot socks were designed by Japanese company, Lemcos, and are available via several online retailers around the globe, like Alibaba Express out of China, and Amazon Prime here in the States. Added bonus: They’ll only set you back about $4. Not bad for such a convincing product!

If cats aren’t your thing, you can also go the more exotic animal route, with realistic socks that mimic the feet of elephants, eagles, zebras, and even dinosaurs, all available from the same line. There are also domestic animal options like dogs, horses, and donkeys.

We always recommend accepting the crazy cat person that lives inside of you, so we’re all in on these socks. What better way to understand your cat than to literally walk in its shoes?

Images: Lemcos

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