Aquaman, Spider-Man, and More Superheroes Become Adorable Cats in Fan Art

Marvel Comics has a very long history of characters who evoke cats, or have the word “cat” in their name, or both. Sure, DC Comics might have Catwoman, but Marvel has Black Panther, Sabretooth, Black Cat, Hellcat, Shadowcat, and the list goes on and on. So it’s only fitting that there is an artist out there who gave the characters from various Marvel Comics-based films a feline makeover.

Fajareka Setiawan is a freelance illustrator and concept designer who has created a series called Catvengers, which feature various Marvel characters as adorable kitty cats. You can check out his heroic kitties in his Instagram posts down below.Has Black Panther, the King of Wakanda, ever looked so cute? His costume might be made out of the strongest metal known to man, but he’ll still chase a laser pointer all across the living room floor.

Meanwhile, “Catpool†is living up to his human namesake Deadpool by reading an issues of “Playcat.â€

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The alien symbiote has taken over this poor kitty cat and become Venom. Does it refer to itself as “we†when ripping a ball of yarn to shreds?

And finally, Ant-Cat is representing the Lang/Pym families from Ant-Man and the Wasp, and playing with a truck like it was a chew toy from the pet store.

The latest additions to the series include Spider-Man (hot off the presses of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and the artist’s sole DC Comics-inspired endeavor thus far, Aquaman.

Hopefully this heroic “Catvengers” series continues, and we see a Cap kitty and an Iron-Cat  joining the others here pretty soon. But if we might make one tiny suggestion: have Thanos be a dog instead.Which Marvel characters do you want to see get the feline treatment next? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Warner Bros, Disney/Marvel Studios

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