James Gunn Has ‘Discussed’ a DCU-MCU Crossover, But Don’t Take it Seriously Anytime Soon

If you’re a superhero movie fan you’ve imagined what it would be like seeing Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America share the same screen with DC’s Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The characters have done that in the pages of comic books. Daydreaming of a live-action version is part of the fun of being a fan. However, when you’re a fan who’s in charge of one of those studios you can do more than just fantasize about such a crossover. Especially when you previously a prominent part of the other. James Gunn has done more than just think about bringing the DCU and MCU together. He discussed it. But don’t start camping out for tickets just yet. If ever.

James Gunn in glasses and a black jacket and t-shirt

Gunn spoke to Empire about his final MCU project, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. During the interview the new co-head of the revamped DCU talked about combining his former superhero franchise with his new one. That’s usually a conversation you hear tired people waiting in a long line at Comic-Con talk about to kill time. Only, Gunn said he’s “certain that’s more likely now” that he’s in charge of DC’s creative side. More importantly, it’s an idea he said he’s actually “discussed,” though he pointed out those discussions were “very, very light and fun.” (So in that way it’s exactly like those fan conversations.)

Even knowing the person atop DC is thinking about such a possibility is fun. But Gunn also said that if such a crossover were to ever happen it would still be many years away. Recently he told Deadline, “It would look like something that would be happening in about ten years. Not today.” He believes he needs to establish the new DCU before he can think about working with Marvel. But he did add that a DCU/MCU crossover, “could be cool.”

That’s fine with us. We’ll need time to figure out exactly what we’d want to see from a DCU/MCU crossover event. We’ve spent so much time dreaming about that without ever thinking it could actually happen.

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