J.J. Abrams Is Writing a SPIDER-MAN Comic with His Son

J.J. Abrams must be exhausted. He’s always working on some huge project, tackling some other giant nerd property. He created shows like Alias, Lost, and Fringe, and directed blockbusters in the Star Trek and Star Wars franchise. His second Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, is currently in post-production, getting ready for its December release. That’s enough for anyone to think, “Maybe it’s time for a little break.” But Abrams must be missing the relaxation gene, because in addition to the recent rumors about a major WarnerMedia partnership with his production company Bad Robot, he’s also about to get his hands dirty with another beloved character and property: Spider-Man.

According to The New York Times, Abrams is set to write a Spider-man comic book with his 20-year-old son Henry for Marvel Entertainment. The five-part series will debut this September, and will feature iconic characters from the character’s past—like his love interest, Mary Jane Watson—as well as a new villain named Cadaverous. Both Abrams men will pen the story, which will be drawn by Sara Pichelli and colored by Dave Stewart.

According to an interview with both Abrams in the Times, J.J. was approached by Marvel editor Nick Lowe about a decade ago to work on a “new and exciting take” on Spider-Man, but the idea didn’t stick until recently, when he discussed the concept with his son. “And that has been the joy of this,” he added. “Even though I’ve been talking to Nick for a long time, weirdly, this feels like it just sort of evolved from the conversations of Henry and I, having ideas that got us excited and Nick being open to the collaboration.”

J.J. Abrams Is Writing a SPIDER-MAN Comic with His Son_1

Nothing else is known about the series just yet, but the released cover image teases a hooded villain, a concept which likely comes easy to Kylo Ren creator J.J. Abrams. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes in about J.J. and Henry Abrams’ Spider-Man #1.

Images: Marvel Entertainment/Olivier Coipel/Marvel Comics

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