It’s Time To Take Over the Word with Word Domination

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Become a super-villain and take over the WORD! No, that’s not a typo–you’ll be taking over words and letters to take all the priceless artifacts for yourself in Word Domination from Uproarious Games. The letter tile game has met its initial funding goal and several stretch goals with just a few days remaining on its  Kickstarter.

Two to four players can join in the villainous fun and practice their maniacal laughs as they transform into James-Bond-style criminal masterminds. Choose a villain card, brilliantly illustrated by Ryan Goldsberry, and rub your hands together as you begin your evil plot to… spell words.

Letter tiles represent various artifacts from around the world. On each turn, claim an artifact by a spelling word, placing tokens on the letters of the artifacts that you use in the word. Two tokens and the priceless artifact is yours. If another player’s token is already on that letter, you can “steal” it by spelling a word with that letter to take it for yourself.

Special letter tiles are also placed on the table to serve as evil super-weapons. You can’t be a proper villain without some crazy contraptions at your disposal to use against your enemies, and these arsenal tiles give you the ability to remove other players’ tokens, use the same letter twice in a turn, and more.

The more artifacts you steal, the more points you earn, with bonus points for letters stolen in adjacent groups of three or more. The supervillain with the most points at the end of six rounds is the winner.

Word Domination is designed by Jeff Beck. While it is Beck’s first Kickstarter project, he’s working with Tim Fowers on the campaign. Fowers is no stranger to turning crowdfunded tabletop games into successes, getting both Paperback and Burgle Bros. fully funded and shipped.

Check out the complete rules and video tutorial to get a full look at Word Domination. The game won’t be widely available in board game stores, so the Kickstarter may be your only chance to pick it up.

What’s your favorite word game? Let us know in the comments!

All images: Uproarious Games

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