Alamo Drafthouse Holding “Clowns-Only Screenings” of IT CHAPTER TWO

My knowledge about what it takes to become a clown extends only as far as The Simpsons episode where Homer goes to Krusty’s Clown College. In the real world I assume you have to study, work hard, and truly commit to the job if you want to succeed in the profession. Even then, to make a living you still have to put up with a bunch of snot-nosed kids who don’t truly appreciate your balloon animal skills. Not to mention lots of people are absolutely terrified of you, a sad fact the return of Pennywise in 2017 only made worse. But just like with the first film, the release of IT Chapter Two will also be used as a way to thank our clown community for everything they do. Those red-nose wearing jokesters are getting their very own screening of the movie.

Alamo Drafthouse Holding Clowns-Only Screenings of IT CHAPTER TWO_1

After two locales held clown-only screenings of the first IT, 18 Alamo Drafthouse locations around the country will do so for the second film. These exclusive showings for clowns will be held during the movie’s opening weekend when it comes to theaters on September 5. Tickets are available for purchase now, but here’s what the Alamo Drafthouse says you need to do to participate:

“We’re celebrating the second chapter of Stephen King’s magnum opus with a nightmare-fuelling Clown-only screening of IT Chapter Two. Please come dressed as a clown – the wig, the makeup, the oversized pants and suspenders, the blood-curdling makeup – and sit through this coulrophobia-inducing fright fest with a theater full of fellow… clowns. Good luck. [Insert maniacal clown laugh here.] You’re gonna need it, floaters. “
Alamo Drafthouse Holding Clowns-Only Screenings of IT CHAPTER TWO_2

Oh, okay, you don’t need a degree from a certified clown college to attend, just a desire to paint your face, wear some silly clothes, and have fun with your fellow clown enthusiasts. Which, much like IT Chapter Two, sounds both amazing and terrifying.

Sorry, I do know one more thing about clowns – a lot of them in one place is kinda creepy.

Images: Warner Bros.

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