Dead Irish Man Makes Funeral Burst Out with Laughter

Warning: This touching moment contains NSFW language. Please be advised. 

It’s hard to imagine a more somber occasion than a funeral. The loss of a loved one is deeply painful, and people who are gathered to mourn are usually at their most vulnerable. Considering those facts, it seems like a miracle that a deceased Irish man was able to make the people at his funeral laugh ( really laugh too) through their tears. No wonder there were so many people gathered around to say goodbye to him.

The video, which comes via Laughing Squid, was first posted to r/funny on Reddit, where it earned an enormous amount of appreciation from the subreddit’s community. The man inside the casket in the video, Shay Bradley, quite evidently had the ability to bring joy and laughter wherever he went, even to crowds online after his own death.

According to a devastatingly sweet tweet by his daughter, Andrea, Bradley’s dying wish was to play that recording of him shouting, singing, swearing, and knocking on the lid of his coffin. And while not much more context is given, according to whoever uploaded the video to YouTube (the user name Irish Manhattan is used, but the relationship between uploader and Bradley is unclear), this kind of comedy is par for the course in Ireland.

“The irish [sic] are said to have a dark sense of humor, and to approach life with a wicked wit,” the description beneath the video notes. “This fella decided to carry it with him all the way to the end.” But you could even say he carried it past the end. And not only because the recording was played after his death, but also because he doubtlessly passed on some of that legendary wit to his daughter.

What do you think of this heartwarming prank? Describe all of your current feels in the comments!

Images: Irish Manhattan 

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