The ‘Impossible’ Rubik’s Cube Takes the Puzzle to Another Level

I’ve never solved a Rubik’s Cube in my life and I never will. I don’t have anything against the toy personally. I merely hate its very existence because it always makes me feel stupid. An old friend of mine, though, someone much smarter and more patient than I, could solve that iconic colorful puzzle in less than a minute. I know because I saw her do it multiple times. But those days are no more; it now seems the field has finally been leveled. Because there’s now an official Rubik’s Cube “impossible” to solve.

Bandai Namco Japanese subsidiary MegaHouse has crafted a version of the popular puzzle that is equal parts ingenious and evil. It’s Rubik’s Impossible (which we first learned about at HYPEBEAST) has the same basic six-sided design as a standard iteration. But rather than each part having clearly defined colors you must match, this toy’s color scheme is inconsistent. The colors of all 54 individual iridescent square panels change depending on the specific angle you look at them. A small piece that you absolutely “know” is green can suddenly appear to be red or yellow.

So unlike a typical Rubik’s Cube, while you’re twisting and turning each part to try and make them all line up by color, you’re making it harder to complete. For some (:sadly raises hand:), that is 100% impossible. But it’s not truly beyond the capabilities of greater puzzle solvers. The toy’s official website has a guide to help you complete it. And at least one person already has.

two copies of the Impossible color-changing Rubik's Cube

SoraNews24 reports that one of the world’s greatest Rubik’s Cube players did it. They only needed three freaking hours to finish. That is both more impressive and less commendable than another notable master Rubik’s Cube expert who gave up immediately.

Well, well, well. This toy has truly leveled the field, because that’s what I always do too.

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