IKEA’s All-Black Charcoal Hot Dog Is a Dark Moment in Food History

I spent years hearing about IKEA‘s meatballs. “You have to try them they’re soooooo good,” roughly a million people told me. But when I finally got to try them I hated them. Absolutely hated them. That’s why I’m an IKEA food skeptic and always will be. And that’s not about to change now that I’ve seen the new dining option available at the store’s Singapore locations. Especially since it’s made with something I associate with having your stomach pumped. Because this all black desaturated charcoal hot dog looks about as appetizing as eating an actual IKEA desk.

An all black charcoal hot dog with red ketchup from IKEA Singapore
IKEA Singapore

This month IKEA Singapore is selling a limited-time Charcoal hot dog. The bizarre foodstuff (which we first saw at DesignTAXI) is available throughout the month of November. The long tuber costs just two Singapore dollars. That’s roughly $1.50 USD. This really is an all-black hot dog too. Both the bun and long chicken sausage are pitch black. As is the cheese filling inside the tuber. All three aspects get their dark hue from edible charcoal. If you want any color on this dish you’ll need to add it yourself. Like the ketchup found on the hot dog’s official promo picture.

This obviously looks as strange as it sounds. But IKEA’s photo doesn’t look that weird. It’s a lot like other novelty foods. But that’s only true in the official photo. In person the actual hot dog looks so Black we’re afraid eating it will summon the Devil.

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…What? More importantly… Why?

Actually, no time to answer either of those unnerving questions. Because it’s just the latest in charcoal delicacies at Singapore IKEAs. Not only do they have the charcoal hot dog, they are also selling a Black charcoal ice cream.

I have never once craved the flavor of charcoal. Neither of these dishes look all that appetizing to me either. They’re too weird to look tasty. But honestly? I’d still eat them before I had those meatballs again.

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