IKEA Releases Gingerbread Höme Instruction Kit

Anyone putting up a gingerbread house this season—maybe you have a nice piece of real estate near the fridge—will find no shortage of inspirational designs online; some of which may even leave you screaming with joy. Now, for those who want to dress up the inside of their edible domiciles, IKEA is offering an “instruction kit” that allows them to build gingerbread versions of its most iconic pieces of furniture. Which sounds… affordable!

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Laughing Squid reported on IKEA’s instruction kit, released by the multinational conglomerate’s Canadian arm. IKEA has named the kit “Gingerbread Höme,” and it, contrary to what one may expect, includes no gingerbread. Nor anything else.

The kit is, instead, a collection of printable assembly instructions for various pieces of gingerbread furniture. There are six pieces of furniture in total, and each one is based on a popular IKEA best-seller. People can download the instructions for the classic BILLY Bookcase, for example. A piece of furniture so popular, IKEA has sold 60 million of them worldwide.

IKEA Canada has released instructions on how to build gingerbread versions of its most iconic pieces of furniture.


Along with the BILLY Bookcase, people can also download the instructions for JOKKMOKK table and chairs, or even its STRANDMON armchair. Although, for our money, the MALM Bed Frame looks, by far, like the easiest to assemble. Which may actually be a bad thing if you like to eat your building mistakes.

Those who do want to add some fabulous furniture to their gingerbread homes can download IKEA’s instructions here. To make the furniture, all you’ll need to do is roll out gingerbread, cut out shapes based on IKEA’s paper printouts, assemble them with frosting, and presto, gingerbread furniture! IKEA also offers instructions for how to 3D print furniture-style cookie cutters. Although who has time for that? Everyone goes to IKEA because they want simple and speedy builds. And also, for some reason, meatballs.

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