IKEA’s ‘Seedballs’ Is a Tasty Snack for Bugs

IKEA Meatballs are almost as iconic as the Swedish brand’s furniture. (Almost!) Over the years IKEA’s done a lot to shake up their beloved food court items. They have a 3D-printed vegan meatball, a goth’s dream hot dog, and even a meatball candle so your Billy bookcases and Poäng chairs will feel right at home. But according to Design TAXI, IKEA isn’t just trying to feed people. Its latest meatball is designed with insects in mind. It’s an IKEA seedball!

The “Swedish seedball” is a little nutrient-rich plant pod that is perfect for bugs. (Technically Fröbullar literally translates to “seed buns” but since this is IKEA we know they’re referring to meatballs.) IKEA Denmark and World Wildlife Fund teamed up on their insect-friendly take on the iconic meatball to “create more biodiversity in Denmark.” But even IKEA fans not in Denmark can get in on the green program. And it’s pretty easy to make—especially considering IKEA even made a step-by-step manual. IKEA loves manuals almost as much as it loves Swedish meatballs.

A side by side set of three images showing what happens when planting an IKEA seedball
IKEA Denmark

Here’s everything you need to make seedballs:

  • Clay
  • Soil
  • Wild flower seeds
  • Water

Sure, the instructions are in Danish, but luckily the whole page is easily translatable online. First you mix the clay, soil, and water and separate into six little balls. Then, poke a hole in it and stick the seed in the middle. Finally, let it all dry out and then plant in the garden, in an outdoor pot, or anywhere a bug can find it. It’s all fairly straightforward—and a delicious treat for the bugs.

While most of us around the world can make our seedballs, according to Design TAXI, shoppers in Denmark who are members of the IKEA Family program can snag a few seedballs at the store. Hopefully they do so while snacking on a classic IKEA meatball.

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