Idris Elba Producing Afrofuturist Anime for Crunchyroll

Idris Elba is already something of a sci-fi legend. All thanks to his roles in movies like Pacific Rim, Star Trek Beyond, the Thor trilogy. Not to mention the upcoming The Suicide Squad. Now, he’s adding the world of anime to his impressive list of geek credentials. Idris and his wife, Sabrina Elba, are joining forces with Crunchyroll to produce an anime series with an Afrofuturist theme. Idris’ Green Door Pictures and Sabrina’s Pink Towel Pictures are jointly producing this new series.

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Dantai is currently the working title for this new anime project. The official synopsis describes it as “set in a city where the rise of biotechnology has created an ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots. Two rising stars from either side of this divide are pitted against each other in a story that will ultimately explore equality and kinship within a corrupt society.”

In a joint statement, the Elbas said “We’re really excited to be announcing this deal on our first anime. We’re both fans of the genre and see a huge opportunity to create something unique for a powerhouse like Crunchyroll. The story of Dantai is our first collaboration as producers together and is one that is close to our hearts.” No voice talent has been announced just yet. But we expect the Elbas to draw in some top-tier names on this one.

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The arrival of the Elba’s new series comes just as Crunchyroll announces  its subscriber base had surpassed four million. This is up from three million just last summer. As a way of keeping up with the anime offerings on other streaming services, Crunchyroll has been aggressively adding new original anime content like Tower of GodWoodpecker Detective Office, and a whole lot more. Currently, Crunchyroll’s robust library consists of more than 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes.

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