Iconic BREAKING BAD Underwear Sell for Over $30,000

Recently, Walter White’s iconic Breaking Bad underwear went to auction. And these famed tighty whities caused quite a stir. When we first saw the auction, the undies were going for around $6,000. And that seemed like a lot for a pair of underwear, no matter how famous. But it turns out… That was nothing. Because this pair of Breaking Bad underwear ended up getting auctioned off for more than five times that amount. Yes, Walter White’s whities went for $32,500 at the end of the day. And our minds are blown.

Walter White iconic Breaking Bad underwear crushed all estimates at auction and ended up going for more than $30,000. Our minds are blown.

The estimated top bid for the Breaking Bad prop was $5,000. But Walter White never does anything by half, and neither does his underwear. We guess it’s a fitting end for Heisenberg’s original look. Or rather, it’s a sign of just how captivating Breaking Bad was for audiences everywhere. Unbelievably, the show ended almost a decade ago. But Breaking Bad is still making waves, inspiring Super Bowl commercials and… getting people to spend a lot of money on underwear. We suppose it’s the legacy that Jesse and Mr. White would feel proud of.

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