BREAKING BAD’s Super Bowl Commercial Has Landed in Full, Yo!

For many of us, the Super Bowl ads are the best parts of the Super Bowl. And this big game was no exception. In time-honored tradition, the ads were probably even better than the game itself. This year, one of the most hyped commercials for the Super Bowl is a Breaking Bad reunion for PopCorners featuring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, Bryan Cranston as Walter White, and Raymond Cruz as Tuco. As they say, “Tight! Tight! Tight!”

For die-hard fans, seeing their favorites come to life again is no small treat. Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman had a fairly recent reunion on Better Call Saul, but that was all serious business. This Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial is something way more fun. It takes us back to those halcyon days of teamwork and messing around in the RV. It’s still all “Mr. White!” and mentorship in a van. Not to mention Easter egg after Easter egg. (Say. Their. Name.) Honestly, we like this meta-verse full of PopCorners and camaraderie. Maybe if Jesse and Walter had changed course to flavor creation, they’d have ended up much happier. It’s just basic… ingredients.

In this Super Bowl commercial, Walt and Jesse were joined by their Breaking Bad distributor Tuco, who even gets an extra flavor out of them. But who knows what could come in a follow-up iteration? There are tons of characters we’d love to see make a comeback in this Breaking Bad alternate universe.

Breaking Bad Super Bowl ad brings back Walter White and Jesse Pinkman played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul with RV

There’s even an extended version featuring “Ozymandius” references and Walter White saying, “I am the one who snacks.”

When asked if this is truly the last time Breaking Bad‘s Walter White will ride, Cranston had this to say about the Super Bowl ad.

April 3rd of this year, so just two months away, was the last day of shooting Breaking Bad [10 years ago]. And when we all stood as a group out there in the middle of the desert, everyone’s speaking of what it meant to us. We thought that was going to be the last time we ever did those characters. And then we had another opportunity in the El Camino movie, and then it was like, “Oh! So it might not be the last.” So we’ve stopped saying, “This is the last time we’re ever going to do this.” Who knows? It could be. I’m not sure, but… you know, we’ll just leave it to the fates.

Who knows, indeed? (Yo!)

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