For $6,000, You Can Own Walter White’s BREAKING BAD Underwear

Not all underwear is created equal. Some underwear is just underwear. And some underwear becomes an iconic part of a hit franchise and goes on auction for at least $6,000 with twelve days still to go in the auction itself. That is some power. But that’s just how important Walter White’s Breaking Bad underwear are in pop culture history. We guess these tighty-whities infused Walter White with something special, so maybe they can do the same for you… Please, just wash them first. Please.

Breaking Bad Walter White's famous underwear is on auction

The auction notes of the Breaking Bad underwear:

Walter White’s (as played by Bryan Cranston) underwear from Vince Gilligan’s crime thriller series Breaking Bad. White wore his iconic tighty-whities throughout the series, starting when he first began cooking crystal meth with Jesse Pinkman (as played by Aaron Paul) in the pilot episode. Matching underwear also appeared in his closet throughout the series.

However, you’ll want to consider that “elasticity is largely lost from wear and age” on this pair of Walter White’s underwear. So, take that under advisement for whatever it’s worth. Right now, this notorious piece of clothing is going for $6,000. But it’s likely this pair of Breaking Bad shorts will only increase in price. We wish you… Good luck!

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