I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE Returns in Rage-Filled Season 3 Trailer

I don’t remember life before I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson arrived on Netflix. Without the show’s constantly quoted sketches and the myriad of memes they have inspired how did we communicate? What did we even want to discuss before learning about the perils of steering wheels that whiff off while you drive? Did food even exist before sloppy steaks? And did we understand the human condition before meeting Karl Havoc? I don’t remember. Frankly, I don’t want to. Especially not today. Because today we finally have the long-awaited trailer for I Think You Should Leave season three. It more than lives u to the hype. It promises to deliver the kind of rage-filled, surreal absurdity we know will soon be an everyday part of our lives.

Tim Robinson, who created and writes the show with his co-star Zach Kanin, is back as only he can be. That means with a lot of yelling.

As are the rest of the popular sketch comedy’s cadre of comedians. This season they will also be joined by plenty of other famous faces, in a collection of episodes that look just as angry, just as strange, and just as loud as the first two. Plus, the hat budget for season three looks like it’s through the roof. Normally that’s not a huge deal, but that is really saying something when it comes to this series.

Tim Robinson with a shocked face sitting on a couch on I Think You Should Leave

From game shows and violence, to road rage and confused people, this is everything we want from this season. For this brief moment in time all is right in the world. And also really weird and really funny. I can’t remember if that was always true, and I don’t need to.

The six-episode third season of I Think You Should Leave season arrives at Netflix on May 30, 2023.

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