I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE’s Sloppy Steaks Get a Tasty Upgrade

Truffoni’s might say, “No sloppy steaks.” But they cant stop you from ordering a steak and a glass of water! Just like no one can stop Andrew Rea of Binging With Babish from turning even the most ridiculous fictional foods into a delicious dish. Because even though he’s not a piece of s***, he transformed I Think You Should Leave‘s messy meal into an elegant entrée.

Forget slicked back hair, glass houses, white Ferraris, and living for New Year’s Eve. The true sign of a real piece of s*** is loving sloppy steaks. What’s a sloppy steak? A “big, rare cut of meat with water dumped all over it.” Why would you possibly want to eat one? According to Tim Robinson’s reformed character in season two of his sublime Netflix sketch comedy series, “water splashing around the table makes the night so much more fun.”

But how does it actually taste? Andrew Rea set out to find out. The answer is pretty much exactly what you’d expect: not as good as normal steak, but still pretty good. It is steak after all. But with Rea’s culinary skills, he didn’t have to settle for pretty good watered down meat. He went all in on making this a gourmet dish Truffoni’s would proudly serve.

A chef pours a glass of water on a steakBinging With Babish

Rather than regular water, Rea used a Shabu-like broth to serve with his ultra fancy, ultra pricey Wagyu steak. It was cooked and decorated with some high-end techniques and toppings. Although with some edible gold leaf (which adds zero flavor or aroma to the meal), he still maintained the spirit of the original dish. Guys who drive white Ferraris definitely love gold leaf.

This meal was only missing one thing. It needed a judgmental baby who doesn’t think people can change. But honestly, if we could eat this superior sloppy steak, we wouldn’t care if some kid thought we were a real piece of s***.

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