This Site Lets You Recreate the Sounds of Your Favorite Bar

We’re almost a year into COVID-19 lockdown and we’re always finding news ways to keep ourselves entertained. We mastered banana bread, made a valiant attempt at sourdough, and got really into puzzles, all in the name of hunkering down. But after a year in our homes, we’re a little tired of its natural ambience. It’s times like this where we really miss spending a night with friends at our favorite local haunts. But as it’s just not a safe option right now, I Miss My Bar is coming in pretty clutch. Created by Maverick, a bar in Monterrey, Mexico, I Miss My Bar recreates the atmosphere of your favorite bar right from your home.

Pretend You're in Your Favorite Bar with These Ambient Sounds_1


I Miss My Bar, which we learned about via Laughing Squid, offers a series of combinations to find the right bar ambience for your home. For whether you miss shouting to your friends in a packed bar—a very jarring thought currently—or grabbing a drink al fresco. In an about section, Maverick notes that the tool won’t replace the experience of being at a bar. However, it’s a fun way to pass the time until we can safely gather.

“Hanging out with friends, deep conversations over Gin & Tonics, meeting great new people, the atmosphere.

“Even though these things will never be replaced, at Maverick we’ve made this modern digital artifact to keep you company while this awful pandemic, which profoundly affects our industry throughout the world, finally passes and we can meet again safely.

“Plug your device to a decent speaker set and use it as a background sound for your zoom parties, or just for your daily wind down cocktail at home.”

But Maverick isn’t just helping us out with a bar ambience. It also released a weekly Spotify playlist to complete the experience.


Initially released over the summer, I Miss My Bar is certainly coming in handy during these cold months. Grab some takeout from a local spot, pop on some music and bar ambience curated by Maverick, and bring the bar experience to your home!

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