Enormous Bowser LEGO Set Is 2,807 Pieces of SUPER MARIO Fun

There are LEGO sets and then there are LEGO sets. And it’s no surprise that the latest collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO is a powerful one, or should we say, super? Or perhaps, mighty? Super Mario‘s latest LEGO set has been revealed and it brings to life The Mighty Bowser in fine form. Bowser has been depicted in LEGO form before, in the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set. But never quite like this.

New Super Mario LEGO Bowser set from Nintendo

The king of Koopas is getting his full due. This Bowser LEGO set contains 2,807 pieces. And it also uses brand new LEGO elements to create Bowser’s spikes and other nuances, including his fireball launcher and head and neck movements. Not only is this Bowser huge, but he’s also innovative. And that’s only right. His arms and fingers even move.

That’s right, you can control Bowser’s head and neck with a button that lives under his shell. His mouth also opens and closes, and his arms, hands, legs, and tail are all poseable.

LEGO Bowser is also an interactive fella. With a very friendly demeanor, for sure. Bowser has a fireball launcher built into him. And he can activate that to shoot out a little friendly fire at other Super Mario LEGO characters, like Luigi and Peach. Bowser also comes with towers for him to knock down, so you don’t have to worry about his aggression building up too high.

LEGO Bowser set, fireball launcher

Right now, you can pre-order LEGO Bowser ahead of this Super Mario set’s release on October 1. He’ll only set you back a few shells. Approximately $270 of them. But how can you say no to Bowser’s LEGO face? He has LEGO spikes for crying out loud. This definitely feels like one LEGO set that Nintendo fans will want to add to their collections.

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