Listen to Huey Lewis and the News’ First New Song in a Decade

Some younger fans might only know ’80s pop super group Huey Lewis and the News from their songs “Power of Love” and “Back in Time” from Back to the Future, or possibly as a reference from the film American Psycho. But truth be told, the San Francisco-based band was one of the most successful acts of the era, and you can still hear their tunes everywhere oldies are played. Unfortunately, the band hasn’t put out a new track in over a decade… or hadn’t. Now they are finally back, as Entertainment Weekly has revealed the band’s first new song since 2008, titled “Her Love Is Killin’ Me.”

Huey Lewis isn’t looking to reinvent any wheels with their long awaited new song, as it sounds like it came straight from Top 40 radio of the ’80s. Although the group released an album of cover songs called Soulsville back in 2010, their last original song was for the theme to the movie Pineapple Express back in 2008. Their last album of original material was back in 2001, leading many of their fans to wonder if they’d ever hear anything new from the News ever again. Despite recent medical setbacks involving his hearing, Huey Lewis came back to the studio to cut a new album.

Huey Lewis and the News scored a very impressive 12 top ten hits during their peak years, starting with 1982’s “ Heart and Soul.” This lead to an incredible streak of hit pop-rock hits like “I Want a New Drug,” “If This Is It,” and several others. As the ’90s grunge and hip hop era took flight, the band receded into the background as new styles took over. But their fanbase has always been loyal and hungry for more.

The band’s new album is expected to land in 2020, along with a Broadway musical based on their catalog of hits called The Heart of Rock n’ Roll.

Image: Deanne Fitzmaurice

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