The Original BACK TO THE FUTURE II Sneakers Are Tragically Rotting Away

They say all good things must come to an end, and tragically, that’s exactly what’s happening to the badass future-sneakers Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly wore in  Back to the Future II (via Kotaku). The MAGS have been fan favorites since the film’s 1989 debut, and Nike has commercially rereleased them a few times for limited edition runs. What’s left of the original pair, however, is currently being displayed at Index, a sneaker consignment store in Portland… and they’re not looking too hot as of late.

Even high quality shoes really aren’t built to last that long, and that goes double for ostentatious, unrealistic movie kicks. The fabric has remained intact (for now), but the rubber on the back has entirely rotted away into a nasty-looking orange crumble. The sneakers are so fragile they have to be handled with as much care as artifacts in a museum, white cotton gloves and all.

Although its current state is a bit bleak, the single left shoe was auctioned off over eBay for over $92,700. (It was only available for buyers local to the Portland area because there’s no way it would survive transport without falling apart completely.)

It’s honestly a sad sight to see how far these once glorious sneakers have fallen, but they will forever live on as some of the coolest shoes to ever grace the silver screen.

Images: eBay

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