How A Tweet, Some Books, and Pokémon Started A Lifetime of Love

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It’s a classic love story for the ages. Girl reads a funny tweet about Pokémon from her local book shop and replies, boy responds back with witty tweet, and then they get married. Simple, right? Well for Victoria and Jonathan this is a totally real thing that happened. This summer the two got married but their love story started almost four years earlier on Twitter.

Once upon a time, Jonathan tweeted from the bookstore account where he worked in London:

Naturally, Victoria found this combination of both Pokémon and books adorable and knew she had found her true love. So, she publicly professed this new love:

Twitter flirting is a pretty simple way to break the ice with your crush:

Jonathan told Mashable that one day Victoria brought doughnuts into the shop, they went on a walk during his lunch break, and then had their first date. And the rest is history I guess you could say. Almost four years later, Jonathan and Victoria tied the knot. A Jynx even made it to the ceremony which is totally a sign:

After the ceremony, Victoria crafted another adorable tweet, beautifully summing up their story–from tweet to wedding. Goodness, they look happy!

The next time you hear someone say Pokémon or Twitter are ruining the world, please share this delightful fairytale. Because of course, the Internet can be a terrible place, but it can also bring lovely people together. Congratulations Victoria and Jonathan!

H/T: Mashable

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @VictoriaOB_ 

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