HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Opening Credits Keep GAME OF THRONES Theme in Odd Twist

Game of Thrones‘ opening credits sequence changed the game for TV show openings. And though House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel show, premiered without any kind of notable intro sequence, its second episode introduced a proper opening. However, in a strange twist, the House of the Dragon opening credits uses the original theme music from Game of Thrones.

Take a look at the full House of the Dragon opening credits sequence below.

While playing the iconic Game of Thrones opening music during House of the Dragon‘s credit sequence isn’t necessarily a bad choice, it does feel like a bit of a strange one. Fans of the show are probably hard conditioned to expect to see a sprawling map of Westeros accompanying the notes. And the music makes us feel like we’ll soon watch the continuing adventures of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and more. There’s a bit of a disconnect between reality and expectation here. It just feels weird to see the new House of the Dragon opening unfolding to the familiar theme.

We assume HBO really wanted to stress the continuity of the two shows. And the platform probably wanted to ease fans of the original series into something new. But it probably would have been better to have the original theme blend into something new. After all, something different for the House of the Dragon opening would be nice.

King Viserys works on a model of Old Valyria with Lady Alicent Hightower. House of the Dragon opening credits sequence is set in Old Valyria and plays original Game of Thrones theme.
Ollie Upton/HBO

We also feel a little confused about what is going on in the visuals in the House of the Dragon opening. There’s a lot of blood but no fire. We see a lot of cityscape and brick. And it seems like we’re moving through Old Valyria as a backdrop. Viewers will recognize this setting from the model King Viserys is working on in his spare time. According to Mashable, the spinning gears and insignias we see filling with blood each have to do with a specific Targaryen. Ultimately, the threads of blood appear to offer us a kind of abridged Targaryen family tree. It’s a little convoluted for those who don’t know the full history of the Targaryen family, but we assume we’ll understand more as House of the Dragon airs.

In the meanwhile, the original Game of Thrones theme has, in fact, become stuck in our heads again. Thanks a lot, House of the Dragon opening credits.

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