HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Doesn’t Have a GOT Opening Credits Sequence… Yet

One of the things Game of Thrones became best-known for over its long run was its elaborate opening credits scene. So it makes sense that as the Game of Thrones spinoff series approached, fans wondered whether it would continue this tradition. But those who have watched episode one of House of the Dragon will know that there was no drawn-out animation to welcome us into the show. The opening credits for House of the Dragon consisted of just a brief lingering look at the Targaryen crest. But we haven’t lost hope yet.

Game of Thrones show House of the Dragon opening sequence Targaryen Crest

According to Vulture, the show’s creators wanted to give fans a “cold opening of sorts to get on and tell the story without the indulgence of a Ramin Djawadi–scored title sequence.” But that House of the Dragon episode two, and the rest of the show, will indeed get the greatly-anticipated opening credits sequence of our dragon dreams.

We have to say, we hope so. Hearing Game of Thrones theme while its world unfolded around us always helped us get a little deeper into the world of the show. And even though House of the Dragons might not have the same universe sprawl that Game of Thrones did, we bet the prequel show will cook up something cool with all those dragons.

A House Targaryen dragon from HBO's House of the Dragon.

But, we guess it also makes sense that the creators of House of the Dragon wanted viewers to focus on the first episode itself and not just on its opening credits sequence. If there had been a splashy title, you can bet that would have stolen much of the attention. And now the anticipation and speculation about House of the Dragon‘s opening can ratchet up that much more.

We absolutely can’t wait to see what kind of blood and fire opening this Game of Thrones prequel show has in store for us.

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