Hot Wheels Celebrates the Female Characters of Marvel, DC, and STAR WARS

It’s become pretty apparent that in the world of children’s toys, sexism is alive and well. This is horrible news not just for little girls, who don’t see themselves represented in the action figure aisles and are told they basically don’t count, but for little boys as well. It essentially teaches young males that female characters aren’t important parts of the story, and that female characters aren’t meant to be looked up to and admired, only objectified. It’s a totally screwed up situation.

Luckily, one very popular toy—and what’s more, a toy whose brand is usually associated primarily with young boys—is bucking that trend: Hot Wheels from Mattel. Showing their support of Women’s History Month, Hot Wheels has just revealed four new character cars based on some of the most popular women characters from the worlds of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.From the Marvel Universe, there are new cars based around the leading ladies of the Avengers, namely the Wasp (soon to be played by Evangaline Lily) and Black Widow. The Star Wars car is inspired by The Force Awakens‘ scene stealing Maz Kanata. But hands down, the coolest of the four new Hot Wheels has got to be Wonder Woman’s, timed with her imminent big screen debut in Batman v Superman.

Kids (and adult collectors) can expect to see these new female-centric Hot Wheels hit stores over the next few months, joining other popular female character-based cars like the ones for Catwoman, The Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora, and Rey and Captain Phasma from Star Wars. You can check out all four of the leading lady inspired Hot Wheels, as well as the previously released ones, in our gallery below:

What do you think of these new badass Hot Wheels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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IMAGES: Mattel

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