Watch New World Record for Most Hot Wheels Loop-the-Loops

Anybody who played with Hot Wheels as kids (or adults) knows there’s a single holy grail to any track setup: the loop-the-loop. A.k.a. the loop-de-loop. Which means this new—potentially—Guinness World Record-beating loop-the-loop Hot Wheels track, with 10 loop-the-loops, is some sort of an attempt at the Platonic realm of loops; where centripetal force meets hard, curving plastic.

Laughing Squid picked up on the new, loopy record, which, it should be noted, doesn’t seem to be an official Guinness World Record. The team behind this deca-loop, 5MadMovieMakers on YouTube, notes, however, that the previous world recorder holder, John Flanagan and his dad, Brian Flanagan, have the official record at eight loops. John, by the way, is eight years old.

The video, of course, is a thrilling zip down a line of loops. One that would make even the most hardened of ‘coaster riders barf like a feline gravy boat. Plus, the channel—run by Robert Carlson—even offers a first-person GoPro view of the ride down. Which is kind of impressive when you think about it; weight distribution is important for weird, little cars after all.

The YouTube channel, 5MadMovieMakers, has set a new Guinness World Record for most Hot Wheels loop-the-loops.


We performed a cursory search of the Guinness World Records social media profiles, and found no mention of this ten-looper. However, we did happen upon another loop-the-loop Guinness World Record using a real car. That record, set in 2015, is shown in the video below. And, fair warning, it may twist up your stomach a little.

Anyone now in the mood for more records of the Guinness World flavor should see for themselves just how gigantic the world’s biggest firework appears in the night sky. Or how high the world’s tallest mountain of elephant toothpaste can be fired from a makeshift rocket. Which kind of makes us wonder how high you could fire a Hot Wheels car into the atmosphere? For a world record, of course.

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