When you think of Oscar Mayer’s selection of frozen foods, you may think of something like mini sausage rolls, mini corn dogs, or even relatively small ham and cheddar slider melts. But now, you can tack this on to that list of frozen miniature midnight snacks: a hot dog ice cream sandwich that’s situated on a cookie bun and topped with “candied hot dog bits.” Yum?

Laughing Squid picked up on the Oscar Mayer “Ice Dog,” which at this point is only being offered via an online raffle on twitter that ends at 7 p.m. EST. But until that point, you can still enter to win. And who knows? Maybe Oscar Mayer will see enough demand to actually put these little chilled bits of frightening food into grocery stores across the nation.

If you’re upset over the fact that this hot dog ice cream sandwich probably won’t be making it into your mouth anytime soon — that’s just the odds people, don’t blame us for how probability works — you need not fret. There are plenty of other gross-sounding ice cream options out there (for some reason), including Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise Ice Cream, this chicken ramen ice cream, and French’s Mustard Ice Cream that you can make at home on your own.

And for any of you thinking “this weird ice cream sandwich is great and all, but after seeing the words ‘Oscar Mayer’ I really just need to hear that timeless theme song,” click on the tweet below and prepare to be serenaded.

What do you think of this Oscar Mayer Ice Dog? Are you into this kind of adventurous eating, or are you going to stick with having your ice cream dessert after you’ve had your hot dog? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Oscar Mayer