Hodor Relives His GAME OF THRONES Trauma in a KFC UK Commercial

The next time you’re in a fast food joint and somebody asks you to “hold the door” for them, don’t take that responsibility lightly. According to a new TV spot for KFC running in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Hodor himself, Game of Thrones actor (and accomplished musician) Kristian Nairn, just might be the guy working the cash register. And we have no idea whether or not he’s telepathically linked to his younger self at any given moment.

While the commercial, found via Entertainment Weekly, isn’t an official Game of Thrones tie-in (which is too bad, because who wouldn’t want to see the woefully inappropriate kids’ meal toys that might ensue, or eat a Sandor Clegane “Extra Crispy” wrap?), it most definitely plays on viewers’ knowledge of the show. Overwhelmed by hordes of dead-eyed customers repeating “chicken with fries” over and over, Nairn starts repeating the phrase himself, to the point that it becomes “chicken wif rice.” Chicken with rice, it turns out, is KFC‘s newest menu item.

There seems to us an entire untapped market here. Maybe Peter Dinklage for 7-11? (“I drink Super Big Gulps, and I know things.”) Lena Headey for Ancestry.com? (“Sometimes I can’t tell my son apart from my nephew…”) Conleth “Lord Varys” Hill for Viagra? (“Don’t be like me!”) Any toilet bowl cleaner fast enough to snap up the name “Iron Throne”? Maisie Williams for sewing needles? Iwan Rheon-approved extra-meaty dog chow?

Maybe Gwendoline Christie and Kristofer Hivju for Match.com?

We’re guessing you can think of a few more. Sharpen your dragon glass and give us some good ideas down in comments below.

Image: KFC

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