Check Out the GAME OF THRONES Bellagio Fountain Show

Fire and ice are clashing in the desert thanks to an amazing new Game of Thrones fountain show at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.

Winter is coming this month. Game of Thrones‘ last season kicks off on April 14, but it has already arrived in Las Vegas. The Bellagio, MGM Resorts, HBO, and WET Design have teamed up for a very special show dedicated to the Seven Kingdoms. The Bellagio fountains put on free water, music, and light shows every day and night along the Vegas Strip. For the next two weeks, the casino is hosting a brand new Game of Thrones-inspired performance, leading up to the final season premiere. The nearly four-minute show combines music from the HBO series, along with lights that create moving snow, the Night King, and fire-breathing dragons (both alive and dead), along with some actual fire, in a performance as epic as Game of Thrones itself.

It’s only makes sense that when fire and ice meet they do it over water. (Think about it).

I can honestly say Game of Thrones and the Bellagio fountains are in my top two favorite things ever. It’s even better than I’d imagine. It makes anything Disneyland does look like a lame water feature on someone’s half-brown lawn. The only downside is that this performance will be so brief. It will run twice a night, at 8 and 9:30 p.m., through Saturday, April 13. So go to Las Vegas right now to see it in person. It’s the kingly thing to do.

While the Bellagio constantly changes the performance at their fountain, which “ spans more than 1,000 feet with water soaring as high as 460 feet into the air,” this is still a super short run.

Can’t winter hang out in the desert just a little bit longer?

Featured Image: Vital Thrills

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