HIS DARK MATERIALS App Will Bring Out Your Daemon

Whether you’ve read Philip Pullman’s  His Dark Materials trilogy, watched season one of the HBO series, or even saw The Golden Compass movie, you’ve wondered the same thing—what would my daemon be? It seemed like imagining was the best we’d be able to do. (At least until we figure out how to travel to parallel dimensions.) But now we can all find out what animal form our soul would take right here in this world. A new augmented reality app will make it possible for your own daemon to follow you around.

HBO has launched its new His Dark MaterialsMy Daemon” app (which we first heard about at Variety) ahead of the show’s second season premiere in the US next week. The virtual reality app, now available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and also the Apple Watch, will not only tell you what animal your daemon is and its personality traits. It will bring yours to life in 3D and AR. The app includes “80 unique combinations of animal, personality, and coloration.”

Each daemon also has “cute, funny, and unexpected animations to unlock,” and will react to your surroundings. You can then share photos and videos of you interacting with yours with friends.

The “My Daemon” app will also let you visit worlds and locales from His Dark Materials. There you can earn AR badges you can also share. And on your trek through the multiple dimensions “you’ll do curated tasks to experience the characters’ struggles and triumphs.” You’ll also “learn and grow with Iorek, Serafina Pekkala, Lee Scoresby, and more.”

New HIS DARK MATERIAL AR App Will Bring Out Your Own Daemon_1HBO/Apple

And for those of you with Apple Watches, the integration function “lets you see how you’re doing and get activity suggestions without even pulling out your phone.”

Uh, any chance you can get a lazy daemon who prefers to hang out on the couch and watch TV? We’ve always wanted to hang out with ours. But we always hoped it would be more low key.

Featured Image: HBO

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