Birkin Bags Made From Crisp Veggies Are a Tasty Visual Treat

Famed French luxury manufacturer Hermès is known for its famous Birkin handbag. The expensive and iconic purse is a staple in Cardi B and many other famous folks’ closets, a gorgeous symbol of their success. It’s a popular lyric in songs and likely the center of some debates on Twitter. For the regular people among us, they are perhaps an aspirational item. Something they wish to buy if they ever have the disposable income to drop thousands of dollars on a handbag. The Birkin also sparks inspiration, including a designer who made several of them out of vegetables.

a photo of a birkin bag made from cabbage against a white background

Yes, you read that right. There are veggie Birkins and they are tasty works of art. We found out about these green bags via Laughing Squid and we can’t look away. Designer Ben Denzer is the person behind this creative endeavor, which caught the eye of the Hermès social media team. Hermès’ Instagram page includes several photos of the bags, calling them art that is “good enough to eat.” And there are a few great vegetable offerings, including asparagus, cabbage, and zucchini with incredible details.

a photo of a birkin bag made from green cucumbers against a white background

Of course, these bags will never be for sale. They would wither, brown, and rot before getting to the store, even with all the chemicals in the world. Also, there’s something odd and rather sad about using food as a handbag. But they are so incredibly creative and cool that we have to give Denzer a round of applause.

a photo of asparagus birkin bag against a white backdrop

Speaking of him, this isn’t the first time he’s turned food into eye-catching items. He used cheese to bind books and has an entire Instagram account where he pairs books with fun ice cream creations. Seriously, the color schemes are soothing.

We may never own an actual Birkin bag. But we can at least enjoy these green creations for free.

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