The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” Gets New Music Video

In August, we learned that Apple Corps was going to re-release the Beatles’ album Abbey Road in honor of its 50th anniversary. Now, a little more than a month later, the album is officially on sale (in various forms), and to help promote it, there’s been a new music video made for one of its tracks, “Here Comes the Sun.” And while the music video isn’t a spectacular visual treat, it does offer up a few rare glimpses of John, Paul, George, and Ringo looking like the rock icons they are.

The music video, which comes via Laughing Squid, begins in a blue, static recording room with a Beatles drum set square in the middle of the frame. As the video progresses, however, and that infinitely melodious chorus (which we’re sure is already stuck in your head) trills out again and again, a warm, golden light slowly seeps in. As the light enters, numerous photos of the legendary band members begin to come together, ultimately creating a collage in a sun-like shape.

Despite the simplicity of the video, it’s still managed to garner 3.9 million views on YouTube as of this writing, as well as an enormous amount of love in the comments section. Which makes sense, as it’s near impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to this song. Plus, there are a few precious seconds of the squad looking fresh AF out in the middle of a pasture, sometimes with a pair of donkeys.

For those wondering about the stats of the re-release, the album, which will be available in six different package levels, is produced by Giles Martin, the son of the original album’s producer, George Martin. The most basic package for the album, the solo LP, features a new stereo mix sourced directly from the original eight-track session tapes and has a price tag of $35.98. The top-of-the-line package, which will set fans back $109.98, includes 40 tracks on three CDs (stereo) and one Blu-ray disc (Dolby Atmos), as well as a 100-page hardcover book with a forward by McCartney. You can buy either of those packages, or the four in between them, through the Apple Corps website.

What do you think of this new version of the classic Beatles album? Come together with all of your thoughts in the comments!

Images: The Beatles

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