Secret DONKEY KONG 64 Coin Found 17 Years After The Game’s Release

If there’s an often-played game that came out in the 90s, it seems fair to think that the thousands and thousands of people who played it have explored every nook, missed no crannies, and figured out absolutely everything there is to know about it as this point.

That’s surprisingly not always the case, though. In 2014, a Super Mario 64 player nabbed a hidden coin that was previously thought impossible to obtain. Then, late last year, another player discovered that due to some odd coding, there’s another coin in the game that literally only exists for a frame before it’s despawned, and it’s in a position that makes it impossible for a player to obtain.Now, fans of Donkey Kong 64, another hugely popular open-world 3D platformer for the Nintendo 64, have one more coin to grab themselves, as one player discovered a secret coin that nobody knew about until now, and this one is totally possible to collect ( via Fuse).

The game was only thought to have 976 rainbow coins, but a player who goes by Isotarge discovered a 977th coin in the game’s fifth level, Fungi Forest. Rainbow coins are collected when DK slams dirt piles, and the level’s grass hid a pile that nobody had discovered before Isotarge, who said that casual players of the game would be very unlikely to find it.

“All of the out of bounds coins and bananas are collectable if you’re extremely comfortable with the glitches,” he told Kotaku. “But for average players not so much.”

So there, go to sleep tonight knowing that you probably haven’t actually completed your favorite video game and try to deal with that crushing blow. Good night!

Featured image: Nintendo

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