A Herd of Cows Chased a Suspect, Helping Cops Catch Her

When you think of a police animal companion, images of good boys (a.k.a. dogs) probably pop in your head. That’s fair: Police dogs have been working with law enforcement for years, and while some might be too friendly for the rigors of the job, others are very helpful, like this one that knows CPR. Let us realize, however, that dogs aren’t the only animals that can be helpful for cops, as a herd of cows recently helped serve some justice (via Geekologie).

A car thief suspect in Florida was trying to evade police, which led to her pulling the vehicle to the side of the road, getting out, and running through a cow pasture. The cows started following the woman, which gave police an easy way to not lose sight of her. Sure enough, police were able to track her down and she was apparently apprehended.

The cows seemed a bit skittish at times, never really getting too close before quickly veering away from the woman, but make no mistake: These brave bovine were valiant in their thirst for justice. Somebody in the YouTube comments already made the “Hamburger Helper” joke, and it’s justified: The helicopter footage shows a powerful ground (beef) chase of a suspect on the moo-ve, and the cows milked the opportunity to do some good.

What do you think of these do-good cows? Have you ever heard of a more helpful herd of anything? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: retoodermatt/Flickr

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