Slide Guitar Cover of “Heart-Shaped Box” Is Soothing

It’s often hard to find things that soothe in 2020. On the list of things that you can expect to relax you, a song that was inspired by terminally ill children probably isn’t too high on the list. But that’s because you haven’t heard Dan Dubuque’s gorgeous slide guitar cover of “Heart-Shaped Box” yet. Grab your favorite hot beverage and turn the volume up.

The lovely video, which was filmed in Montana where Dubuque lives, is a perfect pick-me-up for these stressful times. “Heart-Shaped Box” is one of Nirvana’s greatest songs and this cover completely does it justice. We are living vicariously through the musician being outside in the beautiful scenery as most of us are stuck in our not-so-scenic homes right now. If you enjoyed this great track then make sure to check out Dubuque’s other covers like Rage Against the Machine’sKilling in the Name Of,” The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black,” and Tool’s “46 & 2.”

This Cover of HEART SHAPED BOX Will Soothe You_1

Dan Dubuque

On his Youtube page Dubuque’s only message on each video is a dedication to the people who created the song. For “Heart-Shaped Box,” it simply says “For Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic.” We’re very grateful for the music that Dubuque is sharing during this trying time.

We all need a little escape and escaping into someone else’s creative pursuits is constantly inspiring. Maybe we should take up the guitar? Or start painting? We could make a quilt? Or maybe we’ll just binge watch all of the Ghibli movies on HBO Max? Whatever gets you through! It’s 2020 baby, we’re all just doing our best to survive. Today that will include listening to this beautiful cover of “Heart Shaped Box” on repeat.

If this lovely video gave you some joy today then you can support Dan Dubuque on YouTube.

Header Image: Dan Dubuque

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