These Thai HARRY POTTER Book Covers Are a Work of Art

As there have been countless re-prints and special addition covers for the ever-popular Harry Potter novel series, you fans may be running out of room on your bookshelf. But this latest set will make you want to create space for more Potter books. reports that Thai publisher Nanmeebooks released some incredible cover images of its upcoming Harry Potter book set to celebrate the franchise.

The animated covers feature dive into the details of each book’s storylines and depict infamous characters like Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Snape, and of course Harry Potter. The house animals, the Golden Snitch, and Deathly Hallows symbol are also depicted. If Harry Potter ever becomes an animated series, then this is what fans would want it to look like. The covers were designed by artist Arch Polar, who has published their wonderful Harry Potter-, Game of Thrones-, and MCU-inspired artwork on Instagram and on their website.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the dreamy covers and their intricate titles.

These collectors’ books are only available in Thailand and have not been translated to other languages. But do you really need to be able to read the book if 1) you have already read it a zillion times and 2) the artwork is the reason for buying yet another copy?

They are due for a May 11 release but fans can get their pre-order in now and receive a free tote bag. The books are available for individual purchase or (for those who like complete things) as a box set in either hardback or paperback. Either set will include large postcards and a case that unfolds to become artwork. And, if you grab the hardcovers, there is a special surprise to hang in your room.

It’s not clear when these Harry Potter books will actually ship because of the current global pandemic. But hopefully these beautiful books will get into fans hands around the world soon and spread a lot of joy. And, just maybe, there will be some posters and other forms of this incredible artwork in the future.

Featured Image: Nanmee Books

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