The Harry Potter Covers of Your Dreams Have Arrived

Are your Harry Potter books worn from overuse? Do you wish you could add some cool Harry Potter themed art to that wall in your apartment that is super bare? Well, your dreams have been answered thanks to Nerdy Ink. The company dedicated to “high quality, hand lettered and illustrated apparel and artwork” has a gorgeous set of fan-made Harry Potter book covers.

Harry Potter Re-Covered collection by Nerdy Ink

Nerdist Ink

Aren’t they beautiful? And so different from any existing Harry Potter covers.

Due to overwhelming popularity, Nerdy Ink has extended its Harry Potter U.S. hardback dust jacket covers orders for a third (and final, according to their site) time. You’ll get all seven dust jacket covers to put over those books you’ve been rereading since you were 11. Or maybe you’re just a sucker for some cool, new artwork to brighten up your bookshelves. The site entices customers with this option, “There’s nothing better than new editions of our favorite books, but that can get expensive! Instead of buying a whole new set of books, update the ones you already have with these gorgeous new covers.

Harry Potter Recovered prints

Nerdy Ink

If you love your Harry Potter covers just as they are, then Nerdy Ink also has something else for you. You can get a collection of seven detailed 8.5 x 5.5 prints. The prints represent both the front and back of each cover.

Both options are available for pre-order. Nerdy Ink plans to ship them sometime in May. If you want them, pre-order now because it’s the last time you can snag them. And keep an eye on their Instagram page. They run occasional giveaways there.

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This company extends beyond the Harry Potter fandom, too. From Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda and Avengers enamel pins, tee shirts and bags, to stickers with various iconic quotes with references from Outlander, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who. They have something for every type of fan. Go browse their shop.

Featured Image: Nerdy Ink

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