Say ‘I Love You’ to This Han Solo Made of Bread

A bakery in California made a life-sized version of Han Solo frozen in carbonite and we just want to cradle it in our arms the way Leia holds Han after rescuing him. It’s a stunning achievement full of details straight out of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. From the look on Han’s face to the dials and other greebles on the side, it could almost sub in for the actual prop. The family bakery posted the series of photos below on the shop’s Instagram feed, stunning Star Wars fans and bread fans alike.

The carb-loaded statue is on display at One House Bakery in Benecia, California as part of the small town’s scarecrow contest. But wouldn’t a Harrison Ford-size loaf of bread attract birds and other pests, rather than scare them away?

We learned about this tasty treat thanks to Boing Boing. The team calls their Han Solo bread creation Pan Solo. Pan means bread in both Spanish and Japanese.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back

It’s not the only time the bakery has cooked up pun-filled science fiction statues made out of bread. Two years ago, the team made Star Wars treats called the Pain-dough-lorian, baby dough-da, and the pandroid. As seen in the post below, those involved another impressive array of bread, dough, and even baking supplies.

Meanwhile, if you can’t make it to Benecia before Pan Solo is disintegrated, or prefer to play with your carbonite statues instead of eat them, you still have options. Hasbro sells a playset of the carbonite freezing chamber. There’s also the LEGO Razor Crest, which comes with enough storage for a bounty hunter’s collection.

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