HALLOWEENTOWN Cast Reunites in the Real Halloweentown to Honor Debbie Reynolds

Many of us grew up with the Disney Channel original movie and Halloween classic Halloweentown. The film (and it’s three sequels) were terrific spooky fun that also taught the importance of family, accepting others, and fighting for what’s right. It’s one of those films that is so much fun to revisit year after year. Because, say it with me:


It is so cool in fact, that one of the show’s stars makes it a point to revisit the spookiest town in America every year. Kimberly J. Brown, the actress who played Marnie, visits St. Helens, Oregon every year (where Halloweentown was filmed) for the Spirit of Halloweentown festival. During the festival, St. Helens is transformed back to its original Halloweentown glory, and from what other attendees have said, it really feels like you’ve stepped into the fictional town.

However, after the loss of Debbie Reynolds last year, the cast has decided that it’s time for the entire Cromwell family to make the trek to Oregon to honor Grandma Aggie. In addition to Brown, J. Paul Zimmerman (Dylan), Judith Hoag (Gwen), and Emily Roeske (Sophie) are all expected to attend this year’s Spirit of Halloweentown festival to show some love to the fans and honor Reynolds’ legacy. Brown made the announcement on her YouTube channel:

Not only will this be a really fun events for fans of the movies, but it’s going to be a great moment to pay respects to the wonderful Debbie Reynolds. Every year festival attendees speak out a spell from the film prior to the lighting of the festival’s giant Jack-O-Lantern. This year, the lighting ceremony will be dedicated to Reynolds as a monument to the actress, which seems like a perfect way for Halloweentown fans to celebrate her memory.

So if this sounds like you’re kind of Halloween fun, be sure to check out the Columbia County website to get info on tickets and what exactly you can expect from the festival. Happy Halloween!

Have you ever attended the Spirit of Halloweentown festival? Tell us all about what it’s like in the comments!

Featured Image: Disney

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